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THE CREATORS  follows a small portion of the world's young population who suddenly develop the power to bring their imaginations to life through their drawings.  This power is simultaneously awesome and extraordinarily dangerous as Creators are only limited by their imaginations and ruled by their adolescent emotions.


The CREATORS updates every Tuesday and Thursday. For a print version of chapter 1 or PDF's of completed chapters, please visit the shop


Michael S Bracco's all ages adventure about a boy lost in space who must save his parents from the diabolical Kalosian Space Pirates!




"If you are looking for a humorous, all action, good intentioned piece of entertainment that everyone can enjoy, then look no further than Adam Wreck."



NOVO...the award winning series about the last survivor of two once great species who squandered all they had on their pride and greed.  Now alone, the young boy Novo, must find meaning for himself by helping others so that he can be more than the wasted potential of his ancestors


"Bracco’s sequential pages are like watching Picasso paint. They’re captivating, pleasing, overwhelming, and ultimately cathartic to take in. They illustrate his story with utter ease and absolute craft."



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